The Vampire Diaries SCDD special poster
The Vampire Diaries SCDD special poster

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Hey Bonnie,

How is the summer almost over, yet I feel like i got nothing done? Sounds like you are having fun travelling with your mom. I still don’t know how i’m supposed to do this whole college thing without you. Caroline agrees. She spent the whole summer designing the color palette for our door room while Tyler’s been away helping some wolfpack in Tennessee. Matt and Rebekah have been sending post cards. I think that they’re in Amsterdam now or was it Prague? I can’t keep track and honestly, I’m not sure I really want to. Anyway, I can’t wait to see you, when you get back.

Love, Elena


Those eyebrows :-D


Those eyebrows :-D

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Think of his man pain though, he’s such a sad little boy that’s why he lashes out. You just don’t understand him enough to love him. Damon just wants love ok? HAHAHAHAAH OMG WRITING THAT HURT

Ugh i love you sfm <33 


Photoshoot - Kerry Hallihan 2010

"This is not death… but love, transcended".
 - @paulwesley, June 17, 2013 (x)

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